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No homeowner wants to deal with a foundation, slab, or crawl space problem. There are many issues associated with foundation repair that are expensive and invasive. However, correctly identifying a foundation problem before it becomes too severe is the key to limit the scope of the damage.

At Spokane Foundation Repair, our licensed and insured experts are specially trained to carefully evaluate all aspects of your basement walls and floors to identify any problem and the correct source of the damage. Whenever you call us, you can rely on us that our expert inspection person will provide you a custom solution designed to suit your needs.

If you have observed cracks on concrete or have a bowing wall, or have observed any other sign of foundation damage, give us a call today at (509) 272-3586 to connect with one of our experts and learn about how we can help you.

We offer free estimates on all our foundation repair services in Spokane and Spokane Valley, Washington. At Spokane Foundation Repair, we have a solution for your foundation problem. We have provided abundant training to our experts so that they have sound knowledge of the issue and hence can use their expertise to solve it.

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Our Services

Crack Wall Repair

Each foundation crack wall repair that we perform is not a “quick fix” but rather a long-lasting, approved solution that is individually designed to solve a specific problem. Our team of experts are well versed in a wide range of foundation repair issues and are ready to assist you with cracking wall problems.

We follow all the latest industrial practices and do not just delegate work to subcontractors. When you choose us it means you are partnering with an honest and reliable company that will keep your best interest in mind.

Wall cracks can be horizontal, vertical, or cracks running the length of the wall, stair-step crack, and diagonal crack in corners. Its generally the result of natural shrinkage of concrete as it cures, foundation settlement, and expansive soil.

Bowing Wall Repair

Tipping basement walls are pushed inward, usually by expansive soils or hydrostatic pressure. Expansive soils push against the wall due to an overabundance of water or frost effect. Hydrostatic pressure is when underground water applies inward force against the wall. Common symptoms of this problem include horizontal or stair-step cracking along the foundation wall, a diagonal crack in corners, inward bulges, and walls leaning in at the top or bottom.

If you see any such sign call our professional team immediately at (509) 436-7941. We repair bowing walls by using excellent wall repair products, which secure the wall to stable soils. We can prevent further inward movement and return the wall to its initial position.

Sinking Repair

Have you noticed cracks in your foundation wall, uneven floors, or jammed windows in your home? If these sound like a problem you have experienced, you may have a sinking or settling foundation issue. At Spokane Foundation Repair we fix uneven foundation issues by installing steel foundation piers. These piers will extend beneath the foundation, contacting strong supporting soils that will permanently stabilize your structure.

We have all the expertise and experience required to do the job, resulting in long-lasting, warrantied results. Call us for free foundation inspections and a free and accurate quote for sinking foundation repair.

House Leveling

Homes and other structures in Washington can become uneven from time to time due to soil problems and drastic shifts in weather. You may not notice it right away, but you can see symptoms of an unlevel foundation or slab, such as doors and windows jamming, cracking drywall, bouncy upstairs floors, and creaking noises. When your basement is put in this vulnerable position, significant structural damage may occur, including major cracking and collapsed walls.

Our local company specializes in re-leveling foundations, crawl spaces, and slabs to their original position using strong piers that extend to strong soil below ground surface. This process is also known as foundation leveling, concrete leveling, and mudjacking.

foundation Waterproofing

Basements are one of the most common paths for water to get into a home and wreak havoc. When moisture gets into your basement, it can cause structural damage, mold growth, rot, musty odors, and other costly damages. Our proven foundation waterproofing services provide thorugh and warrantied solutions for wet and leaking basements. Our solutions include installing sump pumps drainage systems and foundation membrane coatings, as well as repairing foundation cracks, and restoring weakened soils. 

Our team of licensed professionals are ready to get you up and running with a dry basement again We can help you through the entire process from start to finish with no upfront costs or hidden fees. We offer free estimates on all our services so please reach out today.

Our Expert Foundation Repair Starts With A Free Inspection

We have the expertise, technique, and top-quality products you need to permanently solve your problem. Our foundation repair inspector will first visit your property to get a clear picture of the issue you are facing. Based on that information we plan out an effective approach that will work for your needs and budget.

We have been in this industry for more than 20 years, and we have experienced professionals on our team. We have the right process and procedure to ensure a dry, stable and healthy home.

We Deliver Exceptional Results

We can provide you the professional home repair for the above services that you can count on. No band-aids or temporary repairs. No waiting for weeks at a time to get the job finished.

Our experts show up on time for your scheduled appointment and will be respectful to your property during and foundation repair project. Save yourself from the headache of trying to figure out how to repair your home by yourself. Leave it for professionals like us.

Our experts have the experience needed to complete the job on time. We promise that you will be pleased with our service, and you will see the result yourself. Our knowledge, experience, attention to details, and our exceptional customer service are what set us apart from other companies in the industry. Call us today!

Our Coverage Area

Although we’re based in the heart of Spokane, WA, we serve the entire Spokane-Spokane Valley metropolitan area. We also serve communities in neighboring Idaho. Our coverage area consists of the following cities and towns, as well as many others near you: Cheney, Airway Heights, Fairwood, Liberty Lake, Mead, Medical Lake, Otis Orchards-East Farms, Deer Park, Country Homes, Town & Country, Post Falls, East Green Acres, and Coeur D’Alene.


We hired Spokane Foundation Repair because they provided an proposal for repairs that made sense. Other companies in the area wanted to totally replace our foundation. They provided a thorough evaluation and detailed plan. Their crew finished the job within the promised time frame. During their work, they discovered a problem that required a true repair and it was easily resolved.

Albert W., Spokane Valley

These guys are great! We live in an old house built in 1960. The floors were getting uneven. I realized we really needed to do something when the lamp on a table appeared slanted. They came out the next day after calling and assessed the issues with pictures to confirm the problems. I was in my home while they worked and I felt the structure being strengthened. No more flimsy floors. Even the lamp shade is now level. They added posts and girders to extend to stronger soil below the house. The work they did was affordable, too, and came with a long warranty. We couldn’t be happier.

Randi N., Airway Heights

Why choose us for your foundation, basement crawl space, and slab needs?

When it comes to choosing a certified foundation and basement repair company in the Spokane region, we know that you have more than a couple options. There are solid businesses around the city, even a few that have okay reviews on Facebook, Google, Yelp and HomeAdvisor. So why hire our team? Here’s five reasons why we stand out:

No pressure: Our quotes are always free and never come with hassle or pressure to pick us for the job. Our contractors never make you feel desperate or like you must do as we recommend. We’re happy to provide a no-cost evaluation so you can make the best decision for your budget and needs.

We’re thorough: As part of our estimate, we carefully inspect your property inside and out to determine the cause of problems. Armed with this information, we can implement solutions that correct the root of the issue and offer a permanent fix.

Our rates are affordable: We may not be the lowest or cheapest around, but our prices are reasonable and valuable when you consider our proven track record of quality workmanship and results. We strive to work within your means and save you money.

We stay on task: Some foundation repair projects can be completed in a day. Others take longer. No matter, our technicians work diligently and efficiently to respect your time and daily needs.

We’re friendly: We greet you with a smile and always treat you with courtesy. Our crew works with you on an individual level and stays in touch to offer you informative project updates along the way.

If you like to learn more about our company and how we can solve your basement issue, give us a call at your convenience.